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Arithmos<br /><span class="Q-colored">Revolutionizing</span> Human Resource Arithmos<br /><span class="Q-colored">Revolutionizing</span> Human Resource
Revolutionizing Human Resource
Enhancing <span class="Q-colored">Human Dynamics</span><br />in the Workplace Enhancing <span class="Q-colored">Human Dynamics</span><br />in the Workplace
Enhancing Human Dynamics
in the Workplace
Substantially <span class="Q-colored">reducing</span><br />HR <span class="Q-colored">overheads</span> Substantially <span class="Q-colored">reducing</span><br />HR <span class="Q-colored">overheads</span>
Substantially reducing
HR overheads

Our Vision & Mission

Why Arithmos

Because the quantitative understanding of human dynamics is one of the most under-explored areas of contemporary science.

ARITHMOS was created to allow us to apply quantitative value to human dynamics.

How does it work?

There are over 33 million different human dynamics in play across the globe every second of every day.

We take what we call the numerical DNA of an individual (D.O.B) e.g. 14/03/99.

This numerical data is 'de-constructed' and applied to two numerical systems and input into an algorithmic engine.

The algorithmic engine itself comprises four weighted matrices and delivers 5,760 different personality types and approximately 33,171,840 human dynamics.

What does it do for you?

People generate energy (dynamics) - positive and negative. It is how those energies (dynamics) are dispersed and interact in the workplace that can make or break a team and in far too many cases, make or break a business.

ARITHMOS can calculate the mean dynamic of a team and provides you with a function called ‘The Bubble Hub' allowing you to build the most efficient, cost effective and compatible teams.

The ARITHMOS platform assists you in making those crucial and informed decisions that can greatly affect team dynamics and human resource costs in the following areas:

  • External recruitment
  • Internal restructuring
  • Direct line reporting Appointments
  • Team building
  • Building project teams
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent retention

Arithmos is an innovative, simplistic and objective algorithmic human resource tool for assessing individual and team dynamics in the workplace.

for e.g. It can determine just which of those final two or three candidates is most COMPATIBLE with their new immediate BOSS and/or team.

Human Resource: The Risk Factor

RISK is everywhere. We accept it as being part of life. But what if you could control the level of risk in Human Resource.

What if you could control the 'RISK FACTOR' , the huge personal and fiscal implications of hiring a new employee or re- structuring an existing team within a company.

ARITHMOS was designed specifically with you and the responsibility you carry in mind. This helps greatly reduce risk and, therein, help you make the RIGHT decision.

This is Our Team

Paul Watson Paul Watson

Paul Watson

The Creator


Paul Watson is 52 years old and has studied numerical systems for over 35 years. His accrued knowledge has been applied to one specific area. Human Dynamics. He has a fascination with human interaction and understanding why some people immediately 'bond' while others are immediately 'repelled' by each other.

Paul has created Arithmos to pre-empt these dynamics. He has dedicated his entire lifetime to creating a system that determines Human Dynamics and Arithmos is the fruition of his patient determination to create a system that has the potential to save businesses millions (annually) in unnecessary turnover of staff (atrition) and allow its people to work in relative harmony.

Paul's approach to Arithmos, and the many other systems that he continues to create, can be summarised perfectly by the following quote:
"The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated but to make complicated things simple" - S Gudder (Mathematician)

Beatrice Peltier Beatrice Peltier

Beatrice Peltier

The Enforcer

Project Manager

Beatrice Peltier is a 45 year old accomplished Project Manager with 15 years experience delivering supply chain optimization within a multinational environment. Thanks to her expertise in systemic & process change management covering business case development, impact assessment and translating business needs into technical requirements, Beatrice has managed a range of supply chain projects ensuring delivery on time and to budget.

Multilingual, Beatrice is a French national who studied & worked in London for 15 years and is now based in Northern Italy. She excels at engaging with teams across Europe to work together to deliver improved performance in a healthy working environment.

Andrew Mobbs Andrew Mobbs

Andrew Mobbs

The Techie


Andrew Mobbs is a serial technology entrepreneur. He has lived and worked in the UK and South Africa and spends his time helping business build systems that add value.

Andrew has worked with businesses such as Harrods and the BBC and specialises in Ecommerce and bespoke application development. He built Arithmos and the numerous algorithms that drive the powerful dynamics engine designed by Paul.

Year on year, statistical surveys show that 'colleagues' represent 25%-40%
of the reasons an employee cites for leaving a company

Human Dynamics are 'invisible' and yet they make or break a company.

ARITHMOS 'reveals' these dynamics.

"Human beings are immensely complex, everyone unique and potentially unfathomable. And yet we are expected to work effortlessly and harmoniously with one another. We often don't achieve this. The truth is we can.

Arithmos makes it possible."

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